Lockheed Martin Maintance Coordinator/Administrative Support in Jupiter, Florida

Description: The MCC Coordinator is responsible for generating, reviewing and maintaining their assigned aircraft’s Special Inspections on a daily basis. The MCC Coordinator shall have a working knowledge of the FACTS system and be able to proficiently utilize its capabilities. The MCC Coordinator will maintain a spreadsheet of all associated inspections reflecting the status of each inspection. This spreadsheet will be reviewed against FACTS daily to ensure all inspections are accounted for. The MCC Coordinator shall understand and have a working knowledge of the inspections they are maintaining as well as maintain OPSEC clearance for each program as required. The MCC Coordinator shall retain all system generated emails pertaining to inspection completion, installs and removals for future accountability. The MCC Coordinator shall maintain a working open dialogue with the Aircraft Managers, Quality Assurance Personnel and Program Engineers.

Aircraft Induction:

Upon inducting an Aircraft into FACTS the MCC Coordinator will generate the designated maintenance inspections by completing the following:

- Review the Maintenance EI to validate the feasibility of each inspection to determine FACTS can track it appropriately either by time, days, or events.

o Work with the programs engineers to revise the EI as required.

 For example, FACTS cannot track inspections with a requirement to be completed at “partial power descent greater than 5000fpm”.

- Review the Maintenance EI and validate a specific part number is identified for each inspection and/or consult with engineering to identify the part number that should be identified with the inspection.

- Should the identified part number, serial number combination installed on the aircraft not be already created in FACTS; the MCC coordinator shall generate the component via Component Manager.

o For data collection the MCC coordinator will either request access to the aircraft or work with the Aircraft Manager requesting an FTEWA be generated to acquire the desired list of part numbers and serial numbers.

- Generate the MCC entry for each of the required inspections linked to a designated component or assembly level,

o Fill in all required information; identifying the MCC type, Directive/Reference and time intervals.

o This may require multiple entries.

 For example, separate inspection line items for each blade serial number installed on the aircraft for traceability.

- Generate an EXCEL Spreadsheet, located on share drive, reflecting the status of each inspection. This will be for future validation that all required inspections are either active or have met their requirements and have been made inactive.

Daily Duties:

The MCC Coordinator shall review and maintain their assigned aircraft special inspections on a daily basis by completing the following in no discernable order:

- Validate the number of active MCCs against an EXCEL Spreadsheet reflecting the status of each inspection.

o Should the active numbers of inspections not match; the MCC Coordinator shall investigate the issues to determine the source of the disparity.

- Review the system generated emails pertaining to MCC completion for their designated aircraft.

o Determine if the completion of the inspection is within the designated inspection time window.

 For example, unless otherwise stated, if a 10-15 flight hour inspection is completed early it cannot advance to a recurring 25 flight hour inspection. It would reset and remain a 10-15 flight hour inspection.

o Determine from the accept/reject criteria if actions are required. Notify the Aircraft Manager as required.

 For example, was a torque check stable or was this the 4th and final allowed failed torque check requiring additional maintenance actions.

o Identify if the completion of a specific inspection affects another inspection.

 For example, disassembly to visually inspect a tail rotor blades pivot bearing may require resetting pivot bearing attachme

Desired Skills: Aviation experience, Helicopter maintenance actions


High School diploma, or equivalent experience/combined education, with additional specialized training in specific aspects of job functions and/or demonstrated ability to perform assigned tasks and 5 Years or more of experience.

Must be computer proficient.

Lockheed Martin is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, protected veteran status, or disability status.

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