Lockheed Martin NC Controlled Milling Machine Special Tech in Palmdale, California

Description: Sets-up completely and operates machine tools equipped with numerically controlled multiple axis continuous paths, where it is required to have a complete knowledge of computer numerical control (CNC) including process controls and pull down menu systems, manual mode controls and selections, control intervention and over-rides; understands the interface of multiple machine functions; performs all contact and non-contact measurements to self verify conformance of product, tools and equipment; machines highly variable and/or nonrepetitive parts to exacting and coordinated tolerances, where it is required to exercise ingenuity and a complete knowledge of machine shop theory, of machine capability and capacity, and the machinability of the materials used; devises unusual machining methods; improvises and adapts tooling in order to fully utilize all functions of the machine and to minimize the number of setups and amount of machining required; locates, drills and bores precision holes; performs tool try and machining operations to specified tolerances required during the initial usage of completely new discs, program manuscripts, fixtures, cutters and associated equipment; enters program data into computer either through a disc furnished by programming for complex programs, or by using manual data input (MDI) for less complex projects. Standing: Requires full time standing with limited resting periods and to walk distances. Sit for extended periods if required. Heights: Able to work at heights. Able to work off of step stools and lift platforms. Overhead work: Able to work overhead as required. Weight restriction: Able to Lift/push/pull/carry a minimum of 30 lbs Body positioning: Able to twist/bend (neck or waist) and stoop. Able to work in awkward positions as required. Able to squat/kneel/crawl/reach as required. Work content: Able to use/hold/manipulate small tools and parts with hands. Simple grasping, power grasping and fine manipulation is required. Able to use vibrating tools and perform torqueing operations. Able to use power equipment. Repetitive tasks will be performed. Able to use computer keyboard, mouse and monitor for extended periods of time. Vision/Hearing: High level Hand/Eye coordination required. Corrective lenses may be used. Eye protection required in many instances. Color differentiation may be required. Must be able to hear at level required for positions. Environmental: Able to work around noise, chemicals, fumes and dust. Capable of using respirators and other personal protective equipment including hearing protection if required. Able to work outside if needed. Attendance: Regular attendance required based on set work schedule. Able to work any shift. Vehicles/Power moving equipment: Able to operate as required. Able to work around heavy equipment or machinery. The physical demands described above do not contain a comprehensive listing of all physical requirements for all positions. The physical demands of each position will vary based on business needs so the physical demands described above are subject to change and employees therefore will also be expected to perform all physical requirements necessary for their positions. This job description may be changed to include new or different physical demands or change existing ones as management deems necessary.

Basic Qualifications:


Must possess a minimum of four years of experience or equivalent in the operation of numerically controlled milling machines; knowledge of jig borer operations.

Must be able to demonstrate knowledge or have successfully completed training in Blueprint Reading II, Practical Shop Math/Trigonometry, Basic Computer Operation, and Machine Shop Practices II.



Lockheed Martin is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, protected veteran status, or disability status.

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