Lockheed Martin Tube Bending Mechanic Senior in Palmdale, California

PERFORMS SUCH TYPICAL DISTINGUISHING DUTIES AS: Determines methods and sequence of operations, makes complete layouts from complex sample parts and assemblies, mocked-up welded tubing assemblies, ship developed mock-up wires or blueprints, and fabricates developmental tubes such as master tube templates, sample tubes, and thin wall, large diameter, developmental tubes where bend data are not available and required tooling is inadequate or not provided, where it is required to utilize a complete knowledge of the high temperature and cold forming characteristics of various sizes and alloys and the setup and operation of various sizes of tube bending machines, both conventional and numerically controlled; develops and records machine setup, rotation and bend data; checks tubing in ship to detect errors and verifies proper fit and correct dimensions; develops written information and sample parts required by tooling or other personnel to fabricate project tools; incorporates changes in development tubing as required. Determines methods and sequence of operation, makes measurements from master shapes and/or inputs dimensional information from drawings, sketches and other similar information to develop data for reproducing or inspecting bent tube configurations by utilizing a computerized measuring device and accessory equipment to develop and record degree, rotation and other similar data, furnishes setup parameters and numerically controlled tapes required for setup and numerically controlled tube bending machines to produce developmental and production tubes where bend data information is inadequate or not provided, trial and error methods must be employed, and coordinated dimensions and tolerances must be maintained, exercising a complete knowledge of the bending characteristics of various metals and alloys, of bend data development methods, and of all machine, equipment and processing functions within a tube fabrication center. Performs rework to the same level of difficulty of the operations described above. May require certifications. Must demonstrate skills equivalent to Blueprint Reading II and Shop Trigonometry. Must possess a minimum of three years of tube bending/tube finishing experience. Makes complete setup on various types of power and manually-operated machines (hot and cold mandrel) to utilize all functions of these machines to their fullest capacity; bends all types of tubing including thin wall, employing flex mandrels and wiper dies. Develops bend data information for pneumatically-hydraulically actuated, or manually-controlled tube bending machines, using mock-up wires or tubes, as required. Works with other authorized personnel as required in installing, removing, or checking tubing in mockup or production ships to resolve tubing fabrication installation discrepancies, and/or in obtaining bend data information. Operates hand and power sanders, buffers and saws as required. Improvises tooling, machine accessories and shop aids as required. Makes complete layouts and block table setups of bend tube shapes as required. NOTE: This job incorporates all duties previously described in the following classifications: 5544 Tube Bender - Heavy 5534 Tube Bender - General 5533 Tube Data Processor and Setup Mechanic

Basic Qualifications May require certifications. Must demonstrate skills equivalent to Blueprint Reading II and Shop Trigonometry. Must possess a minimum of three years of tube bending/tube finishing experience. Operates hand and power sanders, buffers and saws as required.

Improvises tooling, machine accessories and shop aids as required

Essential Job Functions Physical Demands Hydraulic & Plumbing Development Mechanic (RP4303) Standing: Requires full time standing with limited resting periods and to walk distances. Sit for extended periods if required. Heights: Able to work at heights. Able to work off of step stools,and lift platforms. Overhead work: Able to work overhead as required. Weight restriction: Able to Lift/push/pull/carry a minimum of 20 lbs Body positioning: Able to twist/bend (neck or waist) and stoop. Able to work in awkward positions as required. Able to squat/kneel/crawl/reach as required. Work content: Able to use/hold/manipulate small tools and parts with hands. Simple grasping, power grasping and fine manipulation is required. Able to use vibrating tools and perform torqueing operations. Able to use power equipment. Repetitive tasks will be performed. Able to use computer keyboard, mouse and monitor for extended periods of time. Vision/Hearing: High level Hand/Eye coordination required. Corrective lenses may be used. Eye protection required in many instances. Color differentiation may be required. Must be able to hear at level required for positions. Environmental: Able to work around noise, chemicals, fumes and dust. Capable of using respirators and other personal protective equipment including hearing protection if required. Able to work outside if needed. Attendance: Regular attendance required based on set work schedule. Able to work any shift. Vehicles/Power moving equipment: Able to operate as required. Able to work around heavy equipment or machinery.

The physical demands described above do not contain a comprehensive listing of all physical requirements for all positions. The physical demands of each position will vary based on business needs so the physical demands described above are subject to change and employees therefore will also be expected to perform all physical requirements necessary for their positions. This job description may be changed to include new or different physical demands or change existing ones as management deems necessary.”

Desired skills

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Job Location(s): Palmdale California